Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wandboard info

report on the specs for wandboard:

another bloggers report on unboxing:

Wandboard is a baseboard by and an embedded EDM module plugged into it.  The reports above cover the dual option.  For some reason they don't support (or didn't in October 2012 when the blog entry was written) the SATA connection on the baseboard.

I have the quad, and am running ubuntu 12.04.  Main problem is that the kernel is a bit laggard, @ 3.05, and there is a power code bug causing a complaint when going into idle.  I have a workaround to keep the board up all the time, which of course isn't optimal.

Typical crap, at the last job I used Freescale, the kernel blobs were buggy and had this sort of crap.  at least I have the source, and will be able to spin my own kernel.

Here is an entry from the guy about EDM modules

Thursday, August 1, 2013

gpio on the Raspberry Pi

Here are some links

installing wiringpi2

using wiringpi2 for gpio

wiring table (blocked site)

Second part:

Third part:

example from part 1

import wiringpi2 as wiringpi  
from time import sleep       # allows us a time delay  
wiringpi.pinMode(24, 1)      # sets GPIO 24 to output  
wiringpi.digitalWrite(24, 0) # sets port 24 to 0 (0V, off)  
wiringpi.pinMode(25, 0)      # sets GPIO 25 to input  
    while True:  
        if wiringpi.digitalRead(25):     # If button on GPIO25 pressed   
            wiringpi.digitalWrite(24, 1) # switch on LED. Sets port 24 to 1 (3V3, on)  
            wiringpi.digitalWrite(24, 0) # switch off LED. Sets port 24 to 0 (0V, off)  
        sleep(0.05)                      # delay 0.05s  
finally:  # when you CTRL+C exit, we clean up  
    wiringpi.digitalWrite(24, 0) # sets port 24 to 0 (0V, off)  
    wiringpi.pinMode(24, 0)      # sets GPIO 24 back to input Mode  
    # GPIO 25 is already an input, so no need to change anything 

Pi hardware info page:

info on the BCM2835 GPIO's

Good website for using GPIO with the RPI

Broadcom Arm peripheral spec: